игровой автомат desert treasure 2

If you simply cannot get enough of venturing into the desert seeking for forgotten treasures, Playtech has got you covered. Fans of Desert Treasure will be delighted to know that they can explore this barren universe even more extensively now thanks to Desert Treasure II.

They will be in familiar territory here, as most of the game features are similar to the first opus.

Playtech made sure to implement an easy an intuitive gameplay into their game for newcomers to enjoy.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the boiling hot universe of Desert Treasure II and dig up all the gold it contains.

Desert Treasure II looks and feels very similar to Desert Treasure, yet with a visible improvement in terms of pure graphic quality.

The oasis and the desert are still there, but with a lot more details than previously seen.

This new take on the desert universe is simply more beautiful to look at, with elegant sand dunes flowing up until the horizon.

You can even distinguish the camels’ shadows on the said, and dust clouds rising next to the pyramids.

No need to fix what is not broken, but Playtech made real improvements in terms of world building.

As a result, Desert Treasure II is more enticing than ever, and players with certainly love it.

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