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$9.93, $12.99, $39.99Saw those three while shopping for games this week. The clones don't seem to appear on ebay much Rummikub Club One particular version is difficult to get and that's the Rummikub Club by Jumbo which is only available in Germany.

Rummikub & Travel rummikub seem to be available everywhere.

As Rummikub has been around for 60 years with about a dozen licenced publishers and many others from Eastern Europe & China you will find many versions (old & new) available on EBay My best recommendation is look at the extensive BGG Gallery to see which one you like (many are described with publisher and type) and then start looking.

60th Anniversary edition and Rummikub Club)VERSIONSThere are also many other packaged rummikub options particularly in Germany.

PRICEThe cheapest I would expect to be the Travel version as there is far less plastic (typically £9, 8EU) followed by the clones, then the normal rummikub and finally the rummikub special editions (e.g.

This is a nice set with thick tiles that stand up by themselves The best way to get this if you don't speak german is to look at my post in the General Forum called "Where can I order Rumikub Club ... Import from "Rummikub Word Please note that there is also a Rummikub Word game as well From this it appears to be a clone as the tiles seem very close to the regular Rummikub sets If you buy this one you should check that it has the right number of tiles 106 Tiles: o 26 Black Tiles (2 x 1-13) o 26 Red Tiles (2 x 1-13) o 26 Blue Tiles (2 x 1-13) o 26 Orange Tiles (2 x 1-13) o 2 Joker Tiles The Rules are likely to follow the main thrust of Rummikub but you can always download the official RK rules from and play with those so you will be playing the same rules as anyone else (laying aside house rules, variants and publisher changes). I think I might pick up that Rummy-O set next time I see it, then.

From what I can make out in that picture you found, it seems to have all 106 tiles as well as some decent trays.

Furthermore, the colors look like they'll be easy to differentiate - something important to me and something I saw being discussed in another thread here.

As you say, it's a clone, and that explains why it seemed to me to be unusually cheap (the prices I listed corresponded to the games in my subject title).

Star Poker looks like the nicest of the playing-card tile sets, but I'd need to get two sets to have enough. Thanks again for your reply :) I have the "Original" Rummikub in a cardboard box and the "Collector's" Rummy-O in a metal tin.

In addition to the nice metal tin, the Collector's Rummy-O has somewhat better quality components.

Both have 106 plastic tiles of similar size and tile racks, but the Rummy-O tiles are smoother with heavier plastic with rounded edges.