It more or less captures my view of the dangers of this programme.

I say this despite my admiration for the huge contribution of David Wilson to public criminology.

I will also say that I think many of the critical comments on Twitter fail to see the point in making programmes like this.

Their assumption is that the rest of the population are criminological morons and that David, a professor of criminology and ex-prison governor, and good rugby player, knows nothing of critical or realist criminology, penology or running a prison full of violent offenders.

There are also those of course who will aggressively oppose any authoritative response to aggression, irrespective of the victims' pain and injury.

I am reminded of the early 1980's when the 'Left' had no response to the punitiveness of Thatcherite politics.

There will always be 'dangers' in the public exposition of ideas, dangers in creating the wrong impression, so I am glad David was brave enough.